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More Tea? [Mad Hatter x Reader]
You had always know you weren't really like everyone else, as you're imagination reached beyond everyone else's. But that didn't mean you had ever expected yourself to fall down a rabbit hole and end up in a whole new world. A world, where madness was considered normal.
But in all honestly, you felt at home there. Even more than at your house where you lived with your father. The madness in this “Wonderland” was so welcoming, it's atmosphere just right for your wild imagination. It was like ending up in the story of a fantasy book.
But you weren't the only one there. Everything from a wise caterpillar to an evil red queen lived within the walls of the rabbit hole. But the most interesting of them all, was one man. This man was famous for his madness, a madness that was even extreme in this world.
And he was called, The Mad Hatter.
Yes, Hatter. He was a very skilled hat maker, since making those special head wear was his passion. From the first moment you had seen him, he ha
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The Most Precious Listener
    “... Listener... Listener...”
    That voice.
    The owner of the voice bent closer to you, so that his nose was nearly touching your ear... And it spoke in a way that was intended to sound like whispering... But it was not.
    “LISTENER... This is SACRILIGE-”
    “NO!” you finally snapped, sending the keeper to send his head back against the wall. “Cicero...” you said in a huff of long-held breath. “It'd be sacrilege if there was a dead body in here.”
    Currently; the only thing wrong about this situation was that it was you and Cicero were bound and crammed into a small wooden coffin, somewhere, being jostled around by a cart- going only where SITHIS knows where.
    Though, you could be more thankful. There was a board missing from Cicero's side of the coffin, making it both easy to breathe, and giving you a relatively usable source of light
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Mature content
Corrupted Little Bird (Male!CruellaxReader) Epil. :iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 351 55
Sasuke X Male! Reader - Sweet Tooth
(Name) chews happily at his dango, grinning bright as he settles down beside Suigetsu.
"You are such a pig." Karin huffed.
(Name) rolled his eyes and let out a belly laugh, "Please, you're just jealous."
"What do I have to be jealous of?" The redhead asked dryly.
"I don't have to work out to keep off the pounds." The (h/t) flexed to prove his point.
Karin snorts and turned up her nose, "Hah, why should I care about that?"
"Because you'd end up slowing us down." Suigetsu laughed.
"Aye." (Name) agreed.
"Leave her be." Juugo piped after a drink of his tea, "Women try hard to look good."
"Yeah, yeah, I know." (Name) said.
"I know what else Karin has to be jealous of." The white haired male grinned micheviously.
"What?" They all looked at him.
"He doesn't have to even try to get Sasuke's attention."
(Name) let out another laugh as Karin flushed and sputtered, "Who cares about that?!"
"You." The (h/c) haired male chuckled before standing, carrying the last stick of his dango.
"It's not a lie
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you sometimes f o r g e t
who you really are
beneath the facade
— — because it is too painful
to acknowledge your sins.
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